Contrast Media -

Contrast Media is the key strategic area of Novalek. Our portfolio includes a wide range of contrast media products which help the medical professionals to diagnose some life threatening diseases. Our efficient teams of professionals develop new products and manufacture these Contrast Media Agents which produce effective images of organs of people being diagnosed around the world.

Novalek manufactures iodine based as well as gadolinium based contrast media agents in the form of ionic and non-ionic products. Both these forms of contrast media agents have harmless interaction with the body. We at Novalek manufacture Contrast Media Agents which is primarily used to visualize vessels and changes in tissues on radiography and CT. These products are also used for tests of the urinary tract, uterus and fallopian tubes. The iodinated contrast media products manufactured by Novalek are also used in Angiography, Venography, VCUG, HSG and IVU.

Our manufacturing unit capacity


  • 100ml Vial: 40 such Vials per minute and 20000 Vials per Day
  • 200ml Vial: 30 such Vials per minute and 14500 Vials per Day
  • 500ml Vial: 20 such Vials per minute and 9600 Vials per Day


  • 20ml Vial: 100 such Vials per minute and 48000 Vials per Day
  • 30ml Vial: 60 such Vials per minute and 30000 Vials per Day
  • 50ml Vial: 30 such Vials per minute and 14500 Vials per Day


  • 10ml Syringes: We can produce 1800 Syringes per Hr and 14000 per Day