Oncology -

Novalek Pharma launched its Oncology division in the year 2011. The division started its domestic operations with 12 anti-cancer drugs and now has a rich pipeline of incrementally improved drugs. The Oncology division of Novalek is dedicated to bring innovative solutions to cancer patients and help them live longer and a healthier life. We are passionate to fight cancer and improve the lives of millions worldwide. We aim to reach out through all types of oncologists and also selected specialists to provide better support for better treatment.
We have a team of dedicated professionals who use the latest technology in bringing innovative solutions to meet the needs of cancer patients across the globe. Our Oncology facility is well equipped to manufacture cytotoxic and other anti-cancer drugs in finished dosage forms. The facility is built in 9300 sq. mts and is in compliance with US FDA, EU-GMP and MHRA standards. The facility holds the capacity to manufacture both oral and injectable drugs under complete containment system, meeting OEL 4 & 5.

Our manufacturing unit capacity

  • Ground Floor-
    • Oral Solid Dosages — 870 sq.m with a capacity to manufacture 300 mln tablets and 120 mln capsules per annum;
    • Injectables area — 1350 sq.m with a capacity to manufacture 16 mln liquid injection and 9 mln lyophilized for injection per annum;
    • Ancillary areas — 880 sq.m to handle operations, process, storage and distribution;
  • First Floor- dedicated to QC lab, utilities and areas for engineering support;
  • Second Floor- QA office and area for FDF storage;